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Emily Victoria Candles

Flower 7 Piece Wax Jigsaw Gift Set

Flower 7 Piece Wax Jigsaw Gift Set

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Introducing our innovative and unique flower-shaped jigsaw wax melts, designed to bring a whole new level of excitement to your fragrance experience. At Emily Victoria Candles, we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries and this is the very first wax melt jigsaw in the market. Each of the seven handmade puzzle pieces is carefully crafted to not only provide a visually stunning display but also deliver a powerful punch of heavenly fragrance when melted. With a wide range of delightful scents to choose from, our wax melt jigsaw is the perfect puzzle for any wax melt fan. So, which piece will you pick first? Get ready to embark on a scent-ational challenge like no other!

  • Belle
  • Vanilla Pod
  • Candy Floss
  • Hello Sweetie
  • Berry Vanilla 
  • Feeling Peachy
  • Sweet Like Candy
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